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Our Technology

We Create an Environmental Win

​All of TruClear's© advanced water treatment technologies utilize a non-chemical approach.

TruClear's© patented technology includes proprietary, trade-secret protected processes for the treatment of contaminated water without the traditional expensive requirement for high energy cost. 

Advanced Molecular Oxidation (AMO)©

TruClear's water treatment solutions are centered around the Advanced Molecular Oxidation® (AMO®) technology, an innovative method that is specifically engineered to efficiently and effectively eliminate contaminants from different water sources such as industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater, and drinking water. Here's a 6-step overview of how this technology works:

The AMO® technology begins with an electrolysis process that utilizes non-donating electrodes coated with a proprietary material. As contaminated water flows through the reaction chambers, it directly contacts both anodes and cathodes.

AMO© Technology Offers Several Key Advantages

Through its innovative and efficient approach, TruClear’s AMO® technology provides a comprehensive solution for modern water treatment challenges, delivering both environmental and economic benefits to its users.

Chemical-Free Treatment

Achieves contaminant reduction without the use of harmful chemicals, ensuring safer water treatment processes and eliminating risks associated with chemical handling.



Effectively reduces a broad spectrum of contaminants, including PFAS, nitrates, heavy metals, biological contaminants (such as E. Coli, coliforms, and Listeria), and organic pollutants.



Operates without generating toxic emissions or waste streams, aligning with sustainability goals and helping clients meet environmental regulations.

Minimal Energy Consumption

Operates with significantly lower energy requirements compared to traditional water treatment methods, reducing operational costs and enhancing overall efficiency.

Scalability &


Modular design allows for easy scaling to meet diverse volume requirements, from small municipal projects to large industrial operations.

Enhanced Water Quality

The combination of reactive oxygen species and sodium hypochlorite leads to superior water quality, meeting stringent regulatory standards and ensuring treated water is safe for discharge or reuse.

Operational Simplicity & Safety

Designed for ease of operation, requiring minimal oversight and maintenance. The absence of chemical additives further enhances operational safety.


Cost Savings

Reduces the need for chemical additives and lowers energy consumption, offering significant long-term cost savings and improved profitability.

Improved ESG


Enhances Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) ratings by addressing key environmental and social issues, such as water stress, pollution, and chemical safety.

Material-Water Separation

TruClear has developed a unique separation technology that uses a flotation and coagulation process to extract hydrocarbons from produced water, oils, and grease from food manufacturers' waste streams. Unlike other methods, TruClear's system requires no chemicals to flock and coagulate the oils, greases, or hydrocarbons.


The system is straightforward; the contaminated water and oil are fed into the separator unit, which forces them into a serpentine track that separates the oils and grease from the water. The oils and grease are collected in one tank, while the water is collected separately in another.

See this process demonstrated below:

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