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O & G Water Treatment

TruClear's Advanced Molecular Oxidation (AMO)  treatment were designed to handle the harsh nature of O & G waters and provide the best non-chemical solution for recycling water for future use.

Industrial Water Treatment

TruClear's Industrial Water Treatment abilities far surpass other industry options by treating with low power input and using a non-chemical approach.


TruClear has consulting services to provide water treatment assessments and scale prevention and control programs.

TruClear has been able to introduce scalable units along with the ability to stack TruClear’s additional technologies with each other to create a quicker and more streamline process. Second to that is the life of each unit being longer than that of any other applicable unit on the market. Our proprietary technology creates a cost-effective, non-chemical method to treating and cleaning water, all the while creating better economics for advanced water technologies.  


TruClear's technology and processes have a small footprint that can be easily transported to any site, set up quickly, and operate 24 hours a day. The TruClear treatment units can treat from 10,000 to 120,000+ barrels a day.


TruClear has created a green solution for the water treatment industry that is increasing the reuse of produced and frac waters to reduce disposal costs and dependency on local aquifers.

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