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Our Team


President & CEO

John Ayers

John is Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of TruClear. He has over 30 years experience in the oil & gas and construction industries. John became the President of his family’s oil & gas service company expanding holdings across Texas and NM.  Under his direction as CEO and President, John’s companies provided total oil & gas services from site preparation to well completion for companies including Oxy, EOG, Diamondback Energy, and Devon to name a few.

Vice President

Patrick Doggett

As Vice President of TruClear, Patrick Doggett combines his background in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics with a passion for environmental science and electrooxidation to drive the company's mission forward. He and John Ayers work on continuous improvement of advanced water treatment technologies like the Advanced Molecular Oxidation (AMO) system. With a proven track record in strategic planning and market expansion, Patrick has dedicated himself to  TruClear's treatment technology, ensuring compliance with safety standards and enhancing customer satisfaction. Committed to sustainability and economic efficiency, Patrick positions TruClear as a leader in delivering chemical-free, environmentally friendly water treatment solutions.


VP Business Development

James Schkade

Marketing & Communications Director

Abby Hoard

Marketing and IT 

Ciara Powell

Director of TCWS Separation Division 

Michael Cox

Financial Controller

Staci Strauss

HSE Manager

Carl Strauss 

Petroleum Engineer

Rich Sarver 

Lab Manager

Jillian Kurolvech

Business Analyst

Emily Hadnot

PO Coordinator

Kayla Wiggins 

Director of Field Operations

Tim Geiger 

Field Operation Superintendent 

Paul Smith 

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