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TruClear's Water Reuse Strategies

Updated: Jul 1

TruClear unit

TruClear is dedicated to promoting sustainable water management through innovative water reuse strategies. Our advanced technologies and methodologies enable efficient water recycling and reuse across various industries, significantly reducing the demand for fresh water and minimizing environmental impact.

1. Advanced Molecular Oxidation® (AMO®) Technology 

At the heart of our water reuse strategies is our proprietary AMO® technology. This chemical-free process utilizes electrochemical reactions to break down contaminants at the molecular level, transforming them into non-toxic elements. The AMO® system ensures that treated 

water is of high quality and safe for reuse in various applications, from industrial processes to agricultural irrigation.

2. Industrial Applications

In industrial settings, water is often required for processes such as cooling, cleaning, and manufacturing. TruClear's AMO® technology effectively treats industrial wastewater, removing harmful contaminants and reducing total dissolved solids (TDS), turbidity, and biological oxygen demand (BOD). The treated water can then be safely reused within the facility, reducing the need for fresh water intake and lowering operational costs. For example, in food processing plants, our technology captures up to 40% more grease and fats than traditional systems, enabling the reuse of water for cleaning and other operational needs.

3. Agricultural Irrigation

Agriculture is one of the largest consumers of fresh water, and efficient water management is crucial for sustainability. TruClear's water reuse strategies include treating agricultural runoff and wastewater to remove contaminants such as nitrates, phosphates, and pathogens. The treated water can be reused for irrigation, enhancing water conservation and ensuring that crops receive clean, safe water. This approach helps farmers maintain productivity while protecting local water resources.

4. Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Municipalities face increasing pressure to manage water resources sustainably. TruClear's AMO® technology effectively treats municipal wastewater, ensuring that it meets stringent regulatory standards. The high-quality treated water can be reused for non-potable applications such as landscape irrigation, industrial cooling, and aquifer recharge. This reduces the burden on freshwater sources and supports urban water sustainability.

5. Collaboration with Regulatory Bodies

TruClear works closely with regulatory agencies, such as the USDA, to ensure that our water reuse strategies comply with health and safety guidelines. This collaboration helps us develop and implement best practices for water reuse, ensuring that treated water is safe and suitable for its intended purpose. By adhering to regulatory standards, we support public health and environmental protection.

6. Customized Solutions

Recognizing that water reuse needs vary across different industries and applications, TruClear offers customized solutions tailored to specific requirements. Our team of experts works with clients to design and implement water reuse systems that optimize resource use and meet their unique operational needs. This flexibility ensures that our water reuse strategies deliver maximum benefits in terms of cost savings, environmental impact, and regulatory compliance.

TruClear helps industries and municipalities conserve water, reduce environmental impact, and promote sustainability by implementing these water reuse strategies. Our commitment to innovative technology and sustainable practices drives us to provide effective solutions that support a cleaner, more sustainable future.


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