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about us

TruClear is a company founded on the principle that water matters. Stretching across every industry is the need for clean, pure water. This statement is especially relevant for the Oil and Gas Industry. With access to clean water dwindling and the cost for treatment becoming more of an issue than ever before, TruClear brings together the best non-chemical water technologies on the market. Each technology is portable, durable, and cost effective without the use of hazardous and dangerous chemicals.



Behind TruClear lies the Mission and Vision that we seek to better our company and the world around us with. TruClear is a company founded on the statement of "doing well while doing good."


TruClear's Team is comprised of individuals who stand behind the Mission and Vision of our company. Each Team member seeks to build a stronger future and realize the full potential of what TruClear has to offer. 

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