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TruClear has a full-service consulting catering to commercial, institutional, educational, municipal, and health facilities to provide water treatment assessments and scale prevention and control programs. Our staff of water treatment professionals provides evaluations of chemical programs that cause corrosion, scaling, and fouling that prevent critical heat-transfer equipment from operating efficiently. As a result, we can provide alternatives to hazardous chemicals and allow you to operate in a green environment.  We work with you in a collaborative team approach to solve issues.

Water Treatment Consulting

TruClear Provides consulting services in several areas related to water and water treatment.  TruClear consultants are engineers and have AA licenses in water and wastewater, providing the highest knowledge and experience to achieve continuous improvement in results and maintain a proactive approach to your water treatment needs. 


Our consultants can evaluate each treated water system's operating parameters and existing conditions to determine the best approach to water treatment. Following the evaluation, we write a comprehensive specification that includes measurable performance objectives that allow the facility operator to obtain competitive prices while providing opportunities for the consideration of innovative or proprietary technologies.  We can also support your facility personnel responsible for in-house monitoring to ensure that they test the necessary parameters and are correctly equipped.


By enlisting the help of TruClear's Water Treatment Consultants, facility owners and operators can increase the reliability and extend the life of critical heat-transfer systems. Over the long term, these benefits result in lower operating costs and reduced capital investment. TruClear's Consulting is uniquely qualified to help facility operators obtain the most significant value from their water treatment dollars while maintaining system reliability and integrity.


TruClear has developed the Advanced Molecular Oxidation System ("AMO System") for water treatment. The AMO technology is a flow-through process consisting of electrolysis and Advanced Molecular Oxidizing (AMO), where redox reactions create Chlorine and Oxygen species to transform, and minimize contaminates, breakdown organic molecules, and kill bacteria.


We also offer bacteria and biofilm prevention consulting specific to cooling towers across North, Central, and South America and other regions. We are experts at identifying biofilm, scaling, and microbially-influenced corrosion issues. As a result, we can provide a treatment solution that removes the causes of your biofilm and scaling and mitigates the damage from corrosion.

Let's Work Together

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