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  1. No Chemicals - 100% GREEN!

  2. No Waste Stream

  3. Small Footprint

  4. Immediate Cost Savings 

Want an Onsite Test?

Let us prove it! Onsite set-up in under an hour.

See if you qualify for a onsite test:

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our services

TruClear's services and systems, utilizing our proprietary technology, clean contaminated water on site without the necessity of adding additional chemicals at an immediate cost savings to our customers.  We deliver a “green solution” and purer end product with an immediate reduction in direct treatment and transportation costs.

The Oil and Gas Industry is dependent on water, treated with toxic chemicals to optimize oil production.

about us

TruClear is a company founded on the principle that water matters. Stretching across every industry is the need for clean, pure water. This statement is especially relevant for the Oil and Gas Industry. With access to clean water dwindling...

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